Who I am

My name is Kosmas Ioannidis. I am from Greece and I have been a Role Playing Gamer ever since I got my first copy of D&D (1st edition) Rules Cyclopedia back in 1993.​ My friends asked me to Dungeon Master and there was no turning back.

Not a week passes without me running a session for my friends and that is a fact for the past 25 years. During the turn of the century, I decided to start working on my own RPG system to accommodate the world were my friends and I spend so many hours together. It wasn't long before the Heroic Chronicles system and world were fully developed into one single living entity that kept growing with each adventure and storytelling. I found myself having to write an entire RPG system from scratch, a process I repeated more than once during the last 17 years. It is now approaching the final stages of development and hopefully when everything is set, it will become public for everyone.

The Realm of the Fallen King - BrunuhVille