The Heroic Chronicles RPG.



Heroic Chronicles is an under development role playing game of the independent creator Kosmas Ioannidis. Accompanied by a medieval world filled with magic, supernatural entities and kingdoms which abound in intrigues and machinations, it aims at the realistic but entertaining presentation of a pen and paper role playing game with emphasis at the greatest possible player freedom within it. What contributes to this is not only the depth of the system, which attempts the maximum possible diversification amongst characters, but also the fact that Heroic Chronicles has been designed for the past decade with the contribution of players who shape its rules with their opinion and experiences.


What is Heroic Chronicles?

Heroic Chronicles is a role playing game which addresses groups of 5 to 7 people one of whom must play the Chronicler’s part (known as the Dungeon Master, Game Master or Story Teller in other role playing games) and the rest of the players take control of a character which they develop during the course of a campaign (a series of stand alone meetings called “sessions” and usually have a common and related theme plot). The only things required to play this game are a complete set of polyhedral dice (ranging from 1d4 to 1d20), a pencil, a rubber and most importantly, lots of imagination and mood for fun and entertainment.

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